Home Bundles

Our bathroom-ready bundle is the perfect size bundle for many of today’s homes. Each bundle includes three Small Biner Liner Kits, and is the perfect way to ensure you have a fresh, clean bin liner conveniently at hand in every bathroom.

  • Dispenser: L 5 in. x W 1.78 in. x H 2 in.
  • Liners: L 17 1/8 in. and fits up to 3 gallon trash bins
Dispenser made from 100% recyclable PET plastic
Liners are biodegradable
Earth friendly materials
  • 3 Small Bin Liner Kits

Each Kit includes:


  • Color: Pure White


  • Color: Pure White
  • Unscented 40 Count Liners (4 rolls of 10 liners)
  • Fits up to 3 gallon trash bins